What is Town Hall Registration in Italy and Why Do You Need It

  • Passport for each family member along with photocopies of the ID pages.
  • Support Letter on headed notepaper issued by the worker’s company and signed by the local Human Resources manager — a copy of his / her ID may also be requested.
  • Proof of funds (e.g., bank statement) if you are not employed or self-employed — sometimes the Town Hall may accept a self-declaration that you have enough funds to support yourself and / or family.
  • Copy of Work Permit and Permit of Stay (This applies only to Non-EU).
  • Copy of lease contract and its registration receipt for the Italian tax authorities.
  • Copies of the lasted two pay slips.
  • Italian Tax Code for each family member.
  • S1 or E106 form for EU citizens — this must be obtained before coming to Italy (for retirees).
  • Certified and legalized copies of any other documents required such as marriage or birth certificates.
  • If required, proof of medical insurance that covers you in Italy, and this should be issued by the carrier on their headed notepaper. Ideally this letter should be in Italian.
  • Health Care Registration (ASL) — You cannot register for the Italian Health Care Service until you are registered as a resident in Italy.
  • Car Purchase / Importation — Neither can be completed until you are a resident.
  • Bank Account — You can only get a fully functioning bank account once you have become an Italian resident.
  • Italian ID Card — This can only be applied for once you are registered at the Town Hall.
  • Driving License — You cannot exchange your license or get an Italian one until you are a resident.
  • Utilities — You get better rates as a resident.



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Damien O'Farrell

Damien O'Farrell

Global Mobility Specialist and Expat Coach with thirty plus years’ experience in Global Mobility.